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[ Laura's grandparents ]

This site serves two masters, Ralph Brandi and Laura Lombardo. That's why it can be accessed from either of the above domain names.

We are married. And no, that's not us at right. (It's a neat picture, though. It's Laura's grandparents.)


[ There Is No Cat ]

Ralph (that's me), who makes web sites for a living, has his (my) own page, and has for years. You might even find some of it vaguely amusing, in an uneasy way. I commit photography, particularly sunset scenes. I've also got a weblog, There Is No Cat. After years of running a couple of weblogs for specific purposes, I decided to create one for just any old thing I wanted to post.

My brother Steve has a web site. There didn't used to be anything there, then there was the ugliest animated GIF I've ever seen. Now there's a page written in XML, but it doesn't display the way its designed to in any extant browser. That wacky Steve. Eventually browsers will catch up, and he'll have to find another way to be beyond the bleeding edge. Someone has a weblog at that domain, but his name seems to change every six hours, so it's hard to tell who it is.

My sister Tara had a web site with lots of stuff on it, including a weblog, but now she doesn't. She's got a LiveJournal instead.

My dad, who is also named Ralph, used to have a couple of web sites, but they're gone now. Eventually, he'll have one here.

(Incidentally, if you're considering naming your child after yourself, don't. It causes so many problems: you can't have your mail forwarded when you leave home, you spend more time trying to figure out who phone calls are for than actually talking on the phone, and airlines have a devil of a time producing boarding passes for two people on a single ticket with the same name.)

Sadly, mom does not have a web site (not even a weblog). She surfs a lot, though, and wins more stuff on various web sites than anyone I know.

If you want information about the extended family (and even the way extended family), you can check out my other weblog, Geneablogy, covering what I find as I dig up my roots. I've already found some interesting stuff out.


Laura doesn't have a page. You can, however, see the page that announced to her that she has her own domain. Since it originally had an audience of one, and I knew what browser she would use, I didn't bother to make the page degrade gracefully, so the original version requires a 4.0 browser. If you don't have one, you can see an incredible simulation created for 3.0 browsers and earlier.

Nobody else in Laura's family has a web site, either. Give it time....


Ralph A. Brandi Jr.

Josephine Horbal (neé Zurbyk)

Grandma and Grandpa Brandi Grandma Horbal

Sep. 6, 1919-Jan. 15, 2000

Apr. 25, 1912-Jan. 23, 2000


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