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Thursday, June 22, 2000

Other Brandis born in Saginaw in the early 1910s that I have birth records for:

Bernice A Brandi (b. 25 Aug 1910), parents Michael Brandi (listed as Merchant, Tailor, born in Italy) and Mary Zito (born in Michigan). Bernice's name is entered as a correction; the name was originally given as Antoinette Elinor Brandi. The obit database says Bernice died on Wednesday, June 17, 1998.

Irene Mary Brandi (b. 16 Sep 1912), parents Brandi (a shoemaker) and Pitto, presumably Salvatore (Sam) Brandi and Raffaela Pitto. Irene's middle name was corrected in the record in 1967.

Dorothy E. Brandi (b. 11 Nov 1912), parents Brandi (a tailor, presumably Michael) and Zito (see above). The obit database says Dorothy died on Monday, May 5, 1997.

Other Brandis listed in the index but whom I have not yet retrieved records for:

The last book available to the great unwashed masses through the Family History Centers is book N, 1909-1913 (which I've already looked through), so birth records for anybody born after then aren't available through this channel.

Note that I still don't know how most of these people are related to me. The problem is figuring out how their parents, Michael, Salvatore (Sam), and Joseph are related to my li'l Grandpa and to his parents. I know they're related somehow, since Aunt Lonnie tells me that my grandfather used to refer to Sam's son Angelo as his cousin. I just haven't put the pieces together yet. It's like I've got a thousand piece jigsaw and I've got half of the border worked out.

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