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Monday, July 24, 2000

This is kind of interesting: I was doing a search on Google for "Lipa, Poland", where my great-grandmother Victoria Mazur was born. One of the pages that came up was about a woman named Stefania Podgórska, born in Lipa near Przemysl, who saved over a dozen Jews during World War II (the page was from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). Great-grandma's mother's name was Katarzyna Podgórska. I wonder how many Podgórskas there were in Lipa. I can't imagine there were too many; the town's just not that big. Great-grandma was born in 1890; Stefania was born in 1925, so she could have been the child of one of great-grandma's first cousins, or perhaps of a first cousin once removed. Just speculation, of course, but it's interesting to see someone with the same name from the same village as one of my ancestors.

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