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Sunday, January 28, 2001

Here's one of the things I've found that I've been sitting on for a few months. This is the birth record for Filippo Antonio Potito Brandi, my 3G Grandfather. The record was pretty difficult to read from the microfilm because of bleed through from the other side of the page, but I've gone into my scan of it with Photoshop and cleaned up most of the bleed through mess to make it much easier to read (that's one reason why I was sitting on it for a while). The record says that at 8 pm on 1 June 1818, before the mayor of San Potito, Gianbattista Pitella, Daniele Brandi appeared. He was a 34 year old farmer living in this village, and he told that mayor that at 10 pm on 31 May 1818, a child was born in his house to himself and Giovanna Cancello, his legitimate wife, who was 33 years old. The child was a son, who was presented to the mayor, and the father said that the son's name was Filippo Antonio Potito. This was done in the presence of two witnesses, Pietro Federico, 33 years old of some occupation I haven't translated yet living in this village, and Giovanni Leggiero, a 35 year old farmer living in this village. At the bottom of the page, it mentions in a handwritten note that the baby was baptized at 11 pm on 1 June 1818.

So there's another generation: Filippo Brandi's parents, my 4G Grandparents, were Daniele Brandi, born in about 1783-4, and Giovanna Cancello, born in about 1784-5.

Birth Certificate

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