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Sunday, May 27, 2001

I found a page describing the statue of the ancient pre-Christian Slavic god that was pulled from the Zbruch River near Lychkivtsi (Ukrainian, Liczkowce in Polish). There's a picture of the statue, with a larger copy on another page.. Unfortunately, the page is in Polish, but by feeding the sentences to the Polish-English translator web site, I'm able to tell that the statue was found in the river by a bunch of children in 1848, that the locals fought over it and someone threatened to smash it, so the local leaders decided to send it away. It appears that it now resides in the Archeological Museum of Krakow in Poland. It's possible that the lowest part of the statue is still in the river, because the bottom apparently broke off as the locals were pulling the statue out of the river.

Posted at 6:56:42 PM