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Thursday, November 29, 2001

I was going to do some more about what I found in the 1802 Census, but I realized that I never laid the groundwork for that. I haven't covered all the things I've discovered in the San Potito death records for the early 19th century. It's too much to do in one post, so I'm going to try to break it down and compare it to the last full update I did, back in April with the relative chart for my great-grandfather, Ralph Brandi Sr.

In that chart, I had a little information about my 4G-grandparents Daniele Brandi and Giovanna Cancello. I had found their marriage date, and with that, the names of their parents. Since then, I found a death record for Daniele. He died on 28 Nov 1827 in San Potito at three in the afternoon. He was forty-three years old. It confirms that he was the husband of Giovanna Cancello, and the son of the late Giacomo Brandi and Maria Vittoria Meola. Maria was apparently alive and living in Piedimonte d'Alife at this time.

I knew that Giovanna Cancello's parents were Dionisio Cancello and Mariantonia d'Orsi, and that they had both died by the time Daniele and Giovanna married on 10 May 1810. In the 1802 Census, I found that Giovanna was born on 8 Jul 1783. Giovanna was living with her parents for the 1802 Census, so they were both alive as of 5 Jun 1802, the date of the Census. (I haven't yet found a death record for Giovanna.) Dionisio was the son of the late Pasquale Cancello, and was 66 years old as of the Census, placing his birthdate in about 1736. That means his father Pasquale, my 6G-grandfather, was born probably no later than about 1718, and possibly much earlier. Dionisio was born in Calvisi, not San Potito, so his exact birthdate isn't given.

[ 1802 Census Record, Dionisio Cancello and family ]

Mariantonia d'Orsi (my 5G-grandmother), on the other hand, was born in San Potito. The Census gives her birthdate as 16 Oct 1745. That means her father, the late Pasquale d'Orsi, would have been born probably no later than 1727. The Census mentions two siblings of Mariantonia's. Brother Giovanni Antonio was born 9 Apr 1776 and worked as a peasant farmer. He died 3 Jun 1814. Brother Pietro was 19 years old in 1802, which would mark his birthdate around 1783, except that Giovanna was born in 1783, so he was probably born in 1782, sometime between June and October. He married Beatrice Iasimone, and died 10 Jan 1834.

Death Records

Here's a chart showing this section of the family, picking up where the old one left off. I would like to include the charts within these pages, but they're just too wide.

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