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Monday, December 17, 2001

[ Headstone of Vittorio and Anna (Magliocchetti) Minnocci, Calvary Cemetery, Paterson, NJ]

We went up to Laura's parents' house yesterday to celebrate Laura's birthday, and while we were there, we went tramping through cemeteries in Paterson again. First we went to Calvary, where Laura's mom laid a grave blanket on the Pantano grave. While we were there, we wanted to find the graves of Vittorio and Anna (Magliocchetti) Minnocci, Laura's great-great-grandparents the macaroni manufacturers. I had a number (Section 3, grave 365), but there didn't seem to be any markings for which section was which. While we were there, Laura's mom remembered that when she was a girl, her father used to take her to the cemetery to visit his grandparents' grave, and that it was by the fence. So I walked the section of the cemetery by the fence bordering Cedar Lawn cemetery, and eventually found the grave. Anna Magliocchetti, Laura's great-great-grandmother, lived from 1863-1959, which means she was 95 or 96 years old when she died. Vittorio is listed as having lived from 1861-1934. We knew the 1934 date. Somewhere, I had found a birthdate for him of 3 Sep 1863, but I can't tell which of the sources for his birthdate showed that. So perhaps more research is warranted there.

[ Headstone of (Arthur) Ottorino and Vienna Minnocci, Calvary Cemetery, Paterson, NJ ]

While walking the cemetery, I also found another Minnocci grave. This one was for Ottorino and Vienna. Laura's great-great-uncle was named Arthur O. Minnocci, and his wife was named Vienna, so I think this is them. Ottorino/Arthur is listed as having lived 1895-1957, and Vienna from 1895-1976. Laura's mom says she remembers her Aunt Vienna. I had birthdates for them from the 1915 New Jersey state census that match pretty closely; Arthur was listed as born in July 1894, and Vienna in September 1895. So I'm pretty sure this is them.

After we were done there, we wandered around next-door Cedar Lawn for a while, looking for Giovanni and Lucia (Nannariello) De Rosa. Aunt Vic had said she remembered that their grave was on a little hill. Unfortunately, the cemetery is filled with hills. We walked one, but it was cold and was going to be getting dark before long, so we decided to try again on a day when the cemetery office was open and they could pinpoint the grave for us on a map. On our way out, we saw a De Rosa headstone by the side of the street, but it was for a different group of De Rosas, who all seemed to change their name to De Rose. I should have taken pictures so I knew who it was, but there didn't seem to be any connection to Laura's De Rosas. Next time I'll take pictures and notes.

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