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Saturday, January 5, 2002

The Kent County USGenWeb site is awfully impressive; the Western Michigan Genealogical Society appears to have a lot to do with that, and that isn't surprising given how good their own site is. One thing I've found on the site is an index to the 1880 Census for Kent County. Ira Poats is listed as being on page 7, family number 71, in Sparta Township. So now I don't have to look him up in the Soundex, just find the actual Census microfilm. There are lots of Rexfords listed, most in Tyrone Township, but they seem to be collateral relatives rather than direct ancestors. Probably still worth looking at, particularly "Almira" Rexford, who is the sister of my 4G Grandmother Lovina Jeffers Rexford Fredinburgh. They're on a few different pages, scattered between pages 6 and 14. Then there's an "Elger" Fredinburg listed on page 12, family 129, also in Tyrone Township. That's likely to be Eliza Fredinburgh, Lovina's second husband, who would presumably be with Lovina. There's also an Oliver Friedenburgh listed elsewhere, in Plainfield Township on page 21, family 191, who would be worth looking at. Then there's a Hugh Miller on page 9, family 100, also in Tyrone Township, who might or might not be my 3G Grandfather. There were an awful lot of Millers in the area at that time, though.

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