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Friday, January 25, 2002

On November 30, I mentioned that I needed to find a marriage record for Angiolo Navarro and Prudenzia Seccia to figure out if the Angiolo Navarro who died in 1830 was the same as the Angiolo Navarro who was married to Maria Rachele Manzo and was my 5G Grandfather. Well, I've now found the marriage record, and it doesn't answer the question. If it had said that Angiolo Navarro, who married Prudenzia Seccia was the widower of Maria Rachele Manzo, as other marriage records I've seen have done, then that would have resolved the question. But it doesn't mention Maria Rachele anywhere. The wedding took place on 2 Jul 1815, which would place it at a reasonable amount of time after Maria Rachele's death in 1813. This Angiolo's father is Davide Navarro of Piedimonte, and in the 1802 Stato delle Anime, the Angiolo who was married to Maria Rachele Manzo was also the son of Davide Navarro, of Sepicciano, which was a frazione of Piedimonte. Interestingly, this document gives the death dates of the parents of the participants. Davide Navarro died in Piedimonte on 9 Jan 1783, and Maria di Muccio, this Angiolo's mother, died in Piedimonte on 2 Jun 1782. So if this Davide and Maria are my 6G Grandparents, then I've got their death dates. But I haven't proven that they are my 6G Grandparents yet.

Angiolo's death record in 1830 says the informant was his son Antonio, 22 years old. That would put Antonio's birth date around 1808, the year before civil records started in San Potito. It might be worth checking, though, just to make sure Antonio wasn't born in 1809. If his birth record mentioned Maria Rachele Manzo, that would tie this Angiolo to her and prove the connection.

Another possibility would be the marriage record for Angiolo and Maria Rachele, if it still exists. That would be between about 1798 and 1801, given Maria Rachele's age of 21 in the 1802 Stato delle Anime. But I don't know if the marriage records from Santa Catarina are extant for that period. The relevant birth records are, because I have a copy of them from 1697 to 1795.

If there is a Stato delle Anime for the years between 1815 and 1820, that might prove it, since the children of Angiolo and Maria Rachele would be living with Angiolo and Prudenzia Seccia during those years if they're the same Angiolo.

Or maybe if a church marriage record for the 1815 marriage exists, it might mention Angiolo's status as the widower of Maria Rachele Manzo.

None of these are likely to be easy to get. It may be a while before I resolve whether Maria di Muccio was my 6G Grandmother or not.

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