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Monday, January 28, 2002

I've started working on the Calitri side of Laura's De Rosa family. I ordered a few films at the Family History Center, and have found birthdates for Laura's great-grandmother Maria Francesca (Franceschina) and her brother and sister, Mariantonietta and Raffaele. Franceschina was born on 4 Jun 1881 at either noon or midnight (can't really tell when the hour is dodici) at the family home at 160 Via Santantonio. The two witnesses were Francesco Michele di Napoli and Vincenzo Gerardo Margotta. Franceschina's birth record was broken across two pages. She was the middle child.

Raffaele De Rosa was the eldest in the family. He was born on 7 Mar 1879 at what was presumably an earlier family home, 94 Via Mercato. The witnesses were Canio Cicoira, son of the late Francesco, a 50 year old land owner, and Michele Tuozollo, a 40 year old servant (I think that's what it says). Canio Cicoira is possibly a relative, as Giovanni's mother was Francesca Cicoira.

Mariantonietta was the baby of the family, born on 29 May 1883, at the same address as Franceschina. The witnesses were Leonardo Martiniello, son of Canio, a 23 year old postman, and Costantino Rossi, son of Domenico, age 36 and a shoemaker.

Their parents, Giovanni De Rosa and Lucia Nannariello, married at 10 in the morning on 18 Oct 1877. Giovanni was 25 years old and a blacksmith, the same occupation he held in America, and Lucia was 22 and a weaver. Giovanni's father was Raffaele De Rosa of Calitri, and his mother Francesca Cicoira, also of Calitri. Lucia's father was the late Pietro Nannariello, and her mother Antonia Rabasca, both of Calitri. The banns were read on the 23rd and 30th of September, and presumably nobody objected. The banns were on the same microfilm, but unfortunately those for 1877 were missing, so I didn't get whatever extra information that might have provided. The witnesses were the same Canio Cicoira and Michele Tuozollo who were the witnesses for the birth of Raffaele.

I also found birth records for Giovanni and Lucia. Giovanni De Rosa was born on 25 Jan 1852, and baptized the same day at the church of San Canio. His father Raffaele was a shoemaker, 38 years old when Giovanni was born. His mother Francesca Cicoira was 36. So it's probably worthwhile to look through the records to find other children for Raffaele and Francesca. Jason Coffman's site lists only one other son for them, Giuseppe Maria. One other new bit of information here was that Giovanni had a middle name, Paolo. We hadn't seen that anywhere else. The witnesses for Giovanni's birth were Donato Galgano, age 36, and Vincenzo Lombardi, age 26, both laborers. This document contains the signature of Laura's 3G Grandfather, Raffaele De Rosa.

Lucia Nannariello was born on 12 Feb 1855, and baptized the following day, to Pietro Nannariello and Antonia Rabasca. Pietro was the son of the late Lorenzo, 35 years old, and a "viaticato" or "victuale", whatever that is. It's not listed in the Mormons' Italian genealogical word list. Antonia was the 36 year old daughter of the late Vito. The witnesses were Giovanni di Nicola and Pietro Cerrata, both laborers. Jason's web site had included this birth date, but it's nice to see the actual document.

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