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Monday, February 25, 2002

More information from the baptismal records of Santa Catarina in San Potito: Giovanna Cancello, my 4G grandmother, was born on 7 Jul 1783. The 1802 Census had this as 8 Jul, but the baptismal record says that she was baptized on 8 Jul and born the previous day. Her parents were Dionisio Cancello and Mariantonia d'Orsi, which I knew from the record of her marriage to Daniele Brandi as well. According to the marriage record, both Dionisio and Mariantonia were dead by 1810, but they were both alive as of the 1802 Census, so they died sometime between those two dates. Giovanna's baptism record doesn't mention the names of any of her grandparents. Her brother Francesco's baptism record of 21 Jan 1780, however, does. Dionisio's parents aren't listed, but Mariantonia's are given as the late Paschalis and Catharina d'Amato; the Italian versions of those names are Pasquale and Catarina. Catarina, my 6G-grandmother, is a new discovery.

The 1802 Census gives Dionisio's birthplace as Calvisi, which is a frazione of next-door Gioia, so he likely won't be in the Santa Catarina records. But it also gives his father's name as Pasquale, so at least I know the name of my 6G grandfather, if nothing else about him. Mariantonia's baptism record is very faded and difficult to read, but appears to say that she was baptized on 16 Oct 1745; she had been born the previous day, 15 Oct 1745. Her parents are listed here as well as Paschalis and Catharina d'Amato, with no names given for their parents. I found a number of siblings for Mariantonia as well, but none of their records listed their grandparents' names either.

Without death records, marriage records, census records, or some other record that would indicate parents for Pasquale and Catarina, it's impossible to state for sure if they're listed in the earlier records. I haven't really looked for them yet; if I find any likely candidates, I'll note them here.

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