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Tuesday, March 12, 2002

I found a page that has a picture of what appears to be a relative of mine. My first cousin three times removed, Antonio Brandi, was apparently the head of a brass band in nearby Gioia Sannitica in the 1930s. At least that's what Babelfish would have me believe. Antonio's picture is the first on the page.

I was looking for information about Melillos in Gioia Sannitica, because that's where my 4G grandmother Pasqualina Melillo was born, according to her death record. I didn't make a copy of it yet, but she died in San Potito on 27 Jul 1874 at the age of roughly 71, and her parents were Giovanni Melillo and Angela del Santo, presumably also of Gioia Sannitica. Looks like I've got another village to start researching, although with a birthdate of sometime between 1803 and 1806 for Pasqualina, I don't think I'm likely to find much there, since the civil records that the Mormons have don't start until 1809.

Posted at 5:37:25 PM