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Monday, May 20, 2002

Jason, the man with the 20,000+ person file of people from Calitri, tells me that the Francesca di Napoli who was married to Rocco Zabatta, who I referred to in an entry on 1 May, is not the same Francesca who was married to Vito Rabasca. That's good to know; I won't spend any more time trying to find information on her. I'll have to look at death records after 1864 to see if I can find Laura's Francesca in there. Given that Vito and Francesca had a son born in 1811, Francesca was likely born no later than the early 1790s. If she lived to be older than 75 years old, she might show up in the records from 1865 onward.

Posted at 10:35:48 PM