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Saturday, June 1, 2002

I got a letter from the archives in Naples today. The Catasto Onciario (land records) from San Potito in the 1750s are at the archives. They can send them to me on microfilm for €59.39 ($55.43 on 1 June). They want a postal money order; it doesn't appear that the US Postal Service issues international orders in Euros, just the almighty buck. They're all bucked up. Pity; there are a lot of other ways to send money to another country. So I guess I'll have to add on some kind of margin to cover fluctuations in exchange rates during the two or three weeks it takes the post office to issue international postal money orders. Bleah. Still, it'll be great to get my hands on this, because it should provide definite evidence of family units that would prove which people are which in the baptism records from the 1700s that I already have. It should also tell me how wealthy (or poor) my ancestors were. This is so cool.

Posted at 9:14:59 PM