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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

In my previous entry about the Catasto Onciario of San Potito, I traced back from my 6G grandmother Maria Clemente Piteo. Her husband, Deodato Riccio, also shows up in the Catasto. I already knew that Deodato's parents were Fabio Riccio and Hieronyma Sanillo (my 7G grandparents), so I didn't find out much from this entry. I learned that Fabio was a farmer (campiere), age 52, and that he was therefore born around 1701. I couldn't find him in the baptismal records. Hieronyma Sanillo was age 45, and so born around 1708 according to the Catasto. There's a Hieronyma Sanillo born on 11 Nov 1710 to Potito Sanillo and Cecilia del Santo, but without another record saying whose parents are hers, I don't consider it proven that it's the same person yet. They had six children alive at the time of the Catasto: Michelangelo, a plowman, age 23; Potito, age 19; the aforementioned Deodato, my 6G grandfather, age 13; Stefano, age 6; Maria Celeste, age 16; and Angiola, age 9.

My 5G grandmother, Mariantonia d'Orsi, was born on 15 Oct 1745 to Pasquale d'Orsi and Catarina d'Amato. Pasquale and Catarina appear in the Catasto. Their son Costanzo, born 13 Aug 1751, is listed as two years old, suggesting that this entry was taken in about 1753. Pasquale was 36 years old, which would make his birthdate about 1717. But among the residents of the house was Pasquale's mother, Felice Riccitello. The only child born to Felice Riccitello and her husband, Giuseppe d'Orso, with the name Pasquale was Crescenzo Pasquale d'Orso, born 6 Jun 1713. Felice's name was new with the Catasto, and Giuseppe's new with the various baptismal records of the time. Giuseppe d'Orso and Felice Riccitello were therefore my 7G grandparents.

The Catasto lists Felice as a 61 year old widow, which would make her birth around 1692, and shows that Giuseppe was dead by 1754.

The Catasto lists five children for Pasquale and Catarina: Giuseppe, age 5; Costanzo, age 2; Nicoletta, age 15; Onorata, age 12; and Mariantonia, my 5G grandmother, age 9. There are also a number of Pasquale's siblings in the house: Filippo, a married peasant farmer, age 25, and his wife Beatrice Scappaticcio, age 22; Anna, Pasquale's sister, age 31 and a nun; and Colomba, age 25 and also a nun.

Catarina d'Amato's age was 35. There is a Catarina Francesca d'Amato born on 18 Mar 1719 who would be the right age. Her parents were Giovanni d'Amato and Angela di Jesu. Without some other record mentioning her parents, I don't know if this is her. Interestingly, both Giovanni d'Amato and Angela di Jesu were still alive as of the Catasto in 1754. This Giovanni d'Amato, son of Francesco, is not the same Giovanni d'Amato who was the father of Andrea d'Amato; that Giovanni, son of Ferdinando, was my 7G grandfather. But then, if this Catarina is indeed the right Catarina, then that would mean that both Giovanni d'Amatos in San Potito in the early 1700s were my 7G grandfathers.

The other Giovanni d'Amato's record in the Catasto proved enlightening as well. I knew from Andrea d'Amato's baptismal record that his father was Giovanni and his mother Nunzia Coluccio. So I was able to pick out the correct Giovanni when not only Andrea but Nunzia's sisters showed up in one household. As mentioned above, the Catasto distinguishes this Giovanni d'Amato by mentioning that he's the son of Ferdinando d'Amato. That name is new, and Ferdinando is my 8G grandfather. The Catasto places Giovanni's age as 55. Andrea is shown as being 19, and he was born on 1 Dec 1732, so that places this entry at about 1752. That means that Giovanni was born in about 1697. Giovanni is listed as a farmer (campiere), and Andrea as a plowman. Giovanni is not listed as a widower, but Nunzia is not present in the household, so it's an open question whether she was still alive in 1752-4 or not.

Also in the household were two of Giovanni's sisters-in-law, which would make them Nunzia's sisters. Livia Coluccio was age 56, putting her birthdate at about 1696, just before the baptismal records start. Lucrezia Coluccio was age 53, and is listed as the wife of "speziale di medicina" Pietro Riccio of Tra di Prata. A Lucrezia Antonia Coluccio shows up in the baptismal records, baptized on 10 Oct 1699, the daughter of Giovanni Coluccio and Angela di Pietrosimone. If this is the same Lucrezia, Giovanni and Angela would also be the parents of Nunzia, and therefore my 8G grandparents, but without another record, I don't consider that proven yet.

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