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Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Back in June, I mentioned that I hadn't proven to my own satisfaction yet that Francesco di Rosa, Laura's 4G grandfather, was the son of Giovanni di Rosa and Sebastiana Irace and the widower of Maria Nicolais.

Now I have.

I ordered the film of marriage records from Cairano, a town near Calitri and the place where Francesco's wife Colomba Frieri was from. I hadn't found a marriage record for them in Calitri, so I figured they probably married in the home town of the bride. I was right.

Francesco and Colomba married in Cairano on 5 Jan 1811, after having banns posted in both Cairano and Calitri on 23 and 30 Dec 1810. The marriage record shows that Francesco, age 27 and a native of Praiano, on the coast south of Naples if I recall correctly, was the widower of Maria Nicolais, and the son of Giovanni di Rosa, a 55 year old trader living in Calitri and his wife Sebastiana d'Irace, age 50. Colomba, age 21, was the daughter of the late Carlo Frieri and his wife Rosa Frieri, still living at the time of the marriage and 55 years old.

I hit the jackpot here. Francesco would have likely been born about 1783, and Colomba about 1789. Giovanni di Rosa and Rosa Frieri would have both been born around 1755, and Sebastiana Irace about 1760.

As I mentioned in June, Jason has a copy of a document about this branch of the family that fills in some of the details. I haven't seen that yet, but hope to eventually.

Marriage Records

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