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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Welcome to anyone visiting this site after hearing about it on The Genealogy Guys Podcast. I was doing some ego surfing earlier tonight when I came across their podcast that mentions this blog (largely dormant since we bought the house). One of the podcast's hosts, Drew Smith, wrote a nice column about this blog (and how to start your own) for Genealogical Computing magazine a few years ago. He says some very nice things about me and this site in the podcast. The rest of the podcast (the parts that aren't about me) is pretty interesting, too. :-) The stuff about me me me begins about 13:30 into the show.

I haven't been completely inactive with my genealogy in the past couple of years, but most of my genealogy files are still in boxes, and the few things that aren't in boxes are not as organized as they should be. But I've got a couple of interesting stories I haven't told on the site yet, so I should be able to add them, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. And the house is really starting to come together lately, so I'm hopeful that I'll be getting the genealogy files in shape in the coming weeks and can restart my research.

In the meantime, I've added The Genealogy Guys Podcast to my subscription list in iTunes.

Posted at 1:31:56 AM