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Monday, December 24, 2018

Last month, I went to a Ukrainian genealogy conference in Somerset, New Jersey (so quite close to home). During one of the sessions, the speaker mentioned a web site where you could find out how many people of a given surname live in Ukraine. I was looking through my notes yesterday and noticed I hadn’t checked it out. Now I have.

There are 44 people in Ukraine with the surname Журбик, which we know as Zurbyk (and which more accurately transliterates into English now as Zhurbik or Zhurbyk). 15 of them are in Личківці (Lychkivtsi), the town my grandmother grew up in. 13 are in Целіїв (Tseliiv), which is a short distance from Lychkivtsi, 6 in Тернопіль (Ternopil), the capital city of the oblast (state) that Lychkivtsi is in, a couple in the next raion (county) over from the raion Lychkivtsi is in, and then one or two each in a few other places scattered around the country. There really aren’t many; it’s quite an uncommon surname. I suspect I’m related to all of them.

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