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Saturday, May 6, 2000

The Lemko genealogy page for Galicia says that the LDS Church has microfilmed a bunch of records for the Greek Catholic Consistory of L'viv covering a bunch of locations in Galicia from 1607 to 1945. The Lemkos have a list of locations, but it's in Polish transliteration, rather than English transliteration or the Polish names of the towns, I guess, which means trying to parse out yet another spelling of Grandma's home village. <sigh>.... The list mentions a town called "Liaskiwci" with an index number 3177. That's the closest I can find. I would feel better about it if I could find Husiatyn on the list, too. The Lemkos say that only index numbers below 1208 have been released, but the LDS web site says that files are available up to 1716, so I guess they're plowing away at the records. I'll need to keep checking the LDS site periodically to see if they've gotten up to 3177; in the meantime, I guess I should be working on my Ukrainian and Latin. :-)

Posted at 9:28:25 AM