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Wednesday, May 10, 2000

I tried ordering a couple of books from the Snoop Sisters' web site, but their order form was broken. I sent them e-mail explaining exactly what was wrong (all the fields on their submission form had the NAME parameter set to "name", rather than having unique names) and got a very nice response. So I wound up calling them on the telephone today and ordering copies of Finding Your Italian Ancestors and Finding Your Ukrainian Ancestors. That second one seems to be one of the only books available on the subject of Ukrainian genealogy (as opposed to Italian or English genealogy, where the shelves are groaning under the weight). The books are part of a series put out by a small publisher in Toronto. You can see how small they must be on the page for the book at Yevshan, another online store. There was another store that had the book that wouldn't give me a price until I logged in, which really irritated me, but I can't find it now. Probably just as well; their site pissed me off enough that I wouldn't want to buy anything from them.

Posted at 6:23:57 PM