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Monday, May 15, 2000

I'm sending away for a number of SS-5 Social Security Application forms today. Most are from Laura's family, all of her grandparents: Luigi and Albana (Maracci) Lombardo and John and Adele (Saracco) Pantano. We may have found Laura's great grandmother Felice (Minocci) Pantano in the Social Security Death Index, but we're not sure; they list her as Felicia and give her last residence as Oakland, NJ, so we'll have to ask Laura's mom if that sounds right when we see her later this week.

From my family, I'm sending for Mary (Zurbyk) Karyshyn, Grandma's aunt who moved to New York and whose kids eventually moved to Dumont, NJ. Wouldn't you know, though, there are only four Karyshyns in the whole Social Security Death Index, and two of them are named Mary. And both of them were contemporaries, born within four years of each other, both getting their cards in New York and both with last residences in New Jersey. I'm sending for the one whose last residence was Waldwick, NJ in Bergen County, because Laura says that's closer to Dumont than North Bergen, which is in Hudson County. Since Mary was grandmother's father Antoch's brother, seeing her SS-5 should tell me who Antoch's parents were, which Grandma couldn't remember. And if the one I'm sending for doesn't have a Zurbyk for a father, I'll send for the other one.

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