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Sunday, May 21, 2000

I think the next step in trying to find out who Great Aunt Yola's mother was is to look through the Saginaw records that the Family History Center has microfilmed. There are a bunch of vital records for Saginaw available up, with indexes generally to 1922 or so and the records themselves generally up to 1914 or thereabouts. And actually, the index of deaths goes all the way up to 1958, so I should even be able to find Helen (Prillwitz) Brandi in there, although I would have to send away for the certificate.

I've also prepared an application to the State of Michigan for Aunt Yola's death certificate, in hopes that maybe it will say who her actual mother was. The other document that occurs to me that might mention it is her second marriage license; the first marriage came before her Social Security application, so it would probably (and presumably incorrectly, based on family lore) list Antonia Wisniewski, but by the time of her second marriage, she supposedly knew who her mother was. Unfortunately, I don't know when her second wedding took place.

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