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Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Well, it took looking through the passenger lists frame-by-frame because the frame number in the transcript was wrong, but I finally found Laura's great-great grandmother Anna Magliocchetti's passenger record. The transcript says that she's on frame 397, but really, the first page is at frame 254 and the second page is at frame 253 of roll 1247. I couldn't have found it without Stephen Morse's alternate Ellis Island search interface. And looking at the scan, they've got her name as Anna Magliocchetti, not Magliocelatti as in the transcript.

The list shows a number of people from Alatri, most interestingly, three children of Anna, one of whom appears not to have made the trip after all. There was a fourteen year old daughter who didn't come. It's difficult to read her name, because it's crossed out. Then there's an 11 year old son, Giacinto Minnocci, and a 5 year old daughter, Rosa Minnocci. Anna herself was apparently 49 years old. She was not able to read or write. They were all travelling to Paterson to join Vittorio Minnocci, Anna's husband and Laura's great-great grandfather, living at 38 Cross Street in Paterson. Anna gives her closest relative back home as Felicia, so there's a name we didn't have before, and one that recurs in the family a generation later. Anna was 5 feet, 5 inches tall.

There's also a Flavia Minnocci from Alatri on the same page. I can't read her husband's name. They were going to New York. In fact, at least half the page was from Alatri.

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