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Saturday, January 5, 2002

I was looking through the Michigan Genealogical Death Indexing System, which lists deaths between 1867 and 1884, and was having trouble finding John Mizner, my 4G Grandfather, who Hugh Miller's genealogy showed as having died on 20 Nov 1870. No luck searching on variants of Mizner like Misner and Meissner. So I searched on "John" in Kent County. It still wasn't obvious. So I searched those results for 20-Nov. Bingo! He's listed in the index as John Wisner. Unless, of course, Hugh was wrong. In any case, the index gives a specific citation for the record: "Ledger Page: 86 Record Number: 143 Place of death: Algoma County of Death: Kent". When I eventually work my way back to him, I'll know where to look to make sure everything's correct.

Posted at 10:58:21 AM