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Thursday, March 7, 2002

We got some new records in the mail yesterday from the state of New Jersey.

First was a much better copy of Philip Saracco's death certificate that the one I printed from microfilm at the state archives in Trenton. It doesn't say anything different from what I've already described, but it's much easier to read, so I've replaced the scan I had here.

Second was a death record for Franceschina (De Rosa) Saracco. She died on 2 Jan 1958, and was buried on 7 Jan 1958. It lists her parents as John De Rosa and Lucy Nanerelli. There's really nothing new on this that we didn't know aside from the burial date, but it's nice to have the documentation.

Last was a death record for Sisto Pantano. He died on 29 May 1952 and was buried on 2 Jun 1952. We knew the burial date, but not the death date. It gives his birth date as 19 Aug 1865, but the year is a typo; it should be 1885. I can tell this because the certificate properly gives his age as 66, which agrees with his age on Census records and his ship's manifest. Most exciting here are the names of his parents, which we did not have. His father was Vincent (presumably Vincenzo) Pantano, and his mother Flavia Bricca. It also says that Sisto was a US citizen, so presumably his papers are out there somewhere, and since he came to the US in 1907, they should be those wonderful information-packed post-1906 naturalization papers. We'll definitely have to look for those.

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