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Friday, May 31, 2002

Sorry for the silence here. I'm working on stuff, but it's taking me a while. Lately I've been entering much of the stuff I've found in the records of Calitri about people with the same surnames as Laura's ancestors into a database so I can take stock of where I've gotten to and where I need to go next. It gets a little overwhelming at times and I need to step back and think for a while.

I've also been going through the marriage records from Gioia Sannitica to find people with the same surnames as my ancestors from that comune. The records I have on permanent loan at the FHC go from 1809-1829. They'll be the next to get the database treatment so I can see what kind of connections there are.

I've got a few more films on order, but they haven't shown up yet, so this kind of clean-up work is what I work on. I also need to figure out what I still need to look at in the films I've already got.

Posted at 9:39:58 PM