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Saturday, June 26, 2004

The archivist at St. John's - St. Luke Evangelical United Church of Christ in Detroit came through again. She had promised photographs of Charles (Herman) and Wilhelmine Hertel's grave in her last letter when she sent the records. About a week ago, I got another envelope from her. This one contained three photographs, all of that gravestone.

Charles F. H. Hertel 1847-1913; Wilhelmine Hertel 1850-1920

They're buried in Mt. Elliott Lutheran Cemetery in Detroit, on Mt. Elliott near E. Warren. According to the note on the back of one of the photos, this cemetery was known first as Trinity Cemetery, then as St. Charles before finally acquiring the name it's currently known by. The gravestone says that Charles F. H. Hertel (I've usually seen his name given as Charles H. F., so the stone may be wrong) lived from 1847 to 1913. So now I have a year for Charles' death, which means I can send away to the state of Michigan for a copy of his death record. I'm also going to write to the archivist to thank her for her help and to see if maybe there's a death record for Charles/Herman buried in her books.

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