New Toy, March 27, 2004, Bristol, PA and Burlington County, NJ

I bought a neat new toy. A friend of mine who is a part time professional photographer decided to upgrade some of his equipment, so he had a telephoto lens for sale. It's a Canon 70-200 mm lens, f2.8 across the entire zoom range, L-series professional glass. I had been looking to buy the f4 version of this lens, but when the opportunity presented itself to buy the faster version for not much more money, I jumped at it. Well, it's an expensive lens, so I thought about it for a while, asked my wife what she thought, and then jumped at it. After all, the ability to add lenses like this was the reason I bought the Digital Rebel in the first place.

When I looked at the photographs I took, they seemed to fall into three categories. The first was the Burlington-Bristol Bridge over the Delaware River. There is a park there that I stopped at to take some photos after picking up the lens.

The Burlington-Bristol Bridge

The bridge makes an attractive target for photographs.

An oblique view of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge

We love you, too.

Burlington-Bristol Bridge footings

This is one reason I wanted a telephoto lens, because I could never get this kind of compression over distance with the short lenses I was using. I think the patterns generated by the support system here just look neat in an abstract way.

Burlington-Bristol Bridge from underneath

The second theme was stuff I saw from the banks of the Delaware. This factory was right across the river in Burlington, NJ.

A factory on the Delaware River

A closer shot of the factory.

Back yard from the deck

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