Black Swans, Sunset Lake, Asbury Park, New Jersey, February 4, 2006

I had a little time on Saturday while Laura was at the dentist to head into Asbury Park and take some pictures. I came in on Sunset Ave and stopped the car when I stumbled across the billions of birds clustered on Sunset Lake, a little oasis in the midst of the urban decay and renewal (in fairness, this neighborhood is actually pretty nice, so long as you don't look a couple of blocks toward the beach).

[ A duck ]

There were a ton of ducks there.

[ One swan almost silhouetted ]

But the most interesting birds were a pair of black swans.

[ Two black swans, or a pretzel? ]

Or maybe you could call them pretzel birds.

[ Taking a drink ]

My grandfather had a clock at the bar in his basement when I was growing up that said "No drinking before 5". Every number on the clock was a 5. For some reason, this picture made me think of that.

[ Comedy and Tragedy ]

Comedy and Tragedy.

[ Above the parapets ]

Poking a head above the parapets. (Is a parapet a companion animal with ESP?)

[ Some people are so rude ]

Some people are so rude; they don't even say hello when you pass by....

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