Spontaneous Human Combustion at The Bongos show, Joe's Pub, NYC, February 17, 2007

Laura and I went to see 1980s independent pop sensations The Bongos at Joe's Pub in Manhattan last weekend. They played their album Drums Along The Hudson in its entirety and in order, which is kind of strange, because it's a collection of singles, not a concept album or anything. Go figure. I brought my new Lomo LC-A camera to capture the action. I had no idea how hot the show would get.

The Bongos on stage

The show started out fine; Richard Barone was not fifteen feet in front of us. I was surprised at how small Joe's Pub was.

X-rays attack Barone

Suddenly, there was an attack of X-Rays! We could see Richard's skeleton!

Barone's head ignites

The next thing we knew, his head had ignited, as fans looked on, transfixed and horrified.

Fire consumes his body

The fire consumed his body quickly.

Richard and Frank as ghosts

Richard's ghost finished the show, a trouper to the end. Bass player Rob Norris also perished in the conflagration, leaving his ghost to hold down the bottom end.

No word on how the 9:30 show went.

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