Cape May-to-Lewes Ferry (U.S. Route 9), Delaware Bay, August 17, 2004

I've been wanting to take the ferry to Delaware for years. This year, we finally made time. Here are a few shots taken aboard the ferry.

[ A seagull against a blue sky ]

The seagulls followed us all the way across the bay.

[ Water reflected in the windows of the ship's bridge ]

I love the way this looks like a twisted frame around water.

[ A sign showing heels and boots under a crossed circle, and glasses under a crossed circle ]

No dominatrixes or nerds were allowed on the ferry.

[ Lighthouse at the end of a jetty ]

There were quite a few lighthouses near the ferry harbor at Lewes. This is one of them, seen from the ferry at dusk. The photo is a little blurry; next time I'll use a tripod.

[ The ferry's wake, taken at a very slow speed ]

I love the abstract quality of this shot.

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