New York City, February 3, 2007

Laura and I went into the city to see Factory Girl, the Edie Sedgwick biopic (don't bother). It was playing at the Angelika Film Center down on Houston. I brought my Holga with me.

Hoboken train station

When we go into the city, typically we drive to Hoboken and park, then take the train across the river, particularly if we're headed to Greenwich Village or Soho or somewhere south of midtown. If we're going to midtown, it makes more sense to catch the train down the shore.

PATH Trains sign over entrance to the PATH train

The entrance to the PATH train in Hoboken.

Walking the dogs on Houston Street

I saw this guy walking his dogs on Houston and thought it might make an interesting photo.

White bicycle locked to a street sign

I've seen this completely white bicycle a number of times as we've gone to see films at the Angelika over the past year or so. It never occurred to me to find out why it was there until I shot this photo. I figured it was some kind of civic art project. Well, not quite. Turns out there are a few of thse along Houston, and each one marks the site of a fatal accident involving a bicyclist. Ghost bikes.

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