Maybe I Could Afford a Creek?

September 11, 1998

I had a somewhat odd quick dream last night. I dreamt that the state of Pennsylvania had renamed the Susquehanna River the Paterno - Penn State English & Football Susquehanna River.

It wasn't clear what the river would be called in New York or Maryland. I'm also not sure how they fit the new name on the signs that show the name of the river when you cross it on bridges. But the state had gone to the trouble of including the new name on its road maps, which is where I discovered the change.

This was clearly related to the fact that I had been looking at a map of Pennsylvania that I picked up while driving across the state a few weeks ago, and especially to the fact that earlier that day I had read with some dismay that the last holdout in the commercial sweepstakes that's swept college football in recent years, The Rose Bowl, was negotiating with a large company (and former employer of mine) to change their name to The Rose Bowl Presented by AT&T. But I'm not sure how the English department snuck its way in there....

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