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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I've been thinking about going in to the National Archives in NYC for the day for a while now, but wedding preparations kept me busy. Now it's over, and we're back from the honeymoon, but I'm starting a new job on Monday, so if I want to go, I better do it in the next couple of days. So I was going through my notes to figure out what I wanted to look up. One of the things I was thinking of going for was a copy of the shipping record from 1909 for Atillio Maracci, Laura's great-grandfather on her father's side. The last time I looked on the Ellis Island site, they didn't have that page available, so I figured I'd need to look at the microfilm.

Good thing I looked again, because now it's there. As I mentioned before, he arrived in New York on the Regina d'Italia on 6 May 1909. The record shows that he came from Arcola, rather than Oriola as transcribed, and it shows that he left behind his wife, Casimira Peri, whose name we already had, so I know this is him. He's listed as going to Hibbing, Minnesota, which matches the stories Laura's family told us, and which is right near Chisholm. Most interestingly, the manifest tells me that Atillio was indeed born in Fivizzano. So given that I know roughly when he was born (1867-8) and now where he was born, I can get the records from the Family History Center (when I can find some time what with the new job) and push this line back at least one generation. The records that the FHC has for Fivizzano start in 1866, so hopefully he's in there.

Other items on the manifest include the fact that Atillio was joined by another person from Arcola, Eduardo Mosconi, who was the same age as Atillio and was going to the same location (same person, even), and that Atillio had been in the US before, from what looks to maybe be 1901-1905, in Albany, Minnesota. I haven't been able to find a record of that trip yet.

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