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Monday, September 15, 2003

Unfortunately, genealogy has had to take a back seat for a second time this year. Fortunately, it's for another good reason. My wife and I are buying a house. My father got a job in Florida, so my parents' house became available just as the lease on our current house was coming up. Perfect timing, that. We've been so busy with packing, throwing things out, filling out paperwork, talking to lawyers and bankers, documenting our finances and the like that there's been no time for research to speak of. I have three films sitting at the local Family History Center that are getting lonely; I ordered them when I was unemployed and had lots of free time, but now I have a job and an impending move, and I have no free time. Anyway, that explains the recent lack of postings here, not anything like lack of interest. I'm looking forward to having some time to pore over records and solve puzzles again, hopefully in a month or two once we're settled into the new place. The move happens in a little over a week.

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